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Who’s Going To Pay

May 22, 2017

What seemed like a simple request, provide an excel spreadsheet in ten days, necessitated probing foggy memories and file drawers of old index cards. A digital request for a festering analog problem ─ Flint Michigan’s buried water pipes. Poor Flint isn’t alone when it comes to maintaining documentation for a deteriorating piping system. Updating and digitizing old records cost money─ who’s going to pay?

Perhaps if Flint had kept better records of their old water piping network, they would have known acidic river water presented a problem. Some decision makers must have had courses in basic chemistry. And now Michigan wants federal dollars to help pay for their poor judgment, because they don’t want to spend their rainy-day-fund. Who should pay us or them?Flint Water Tower

Months later, who’s speaking up for the thousands of lead contaminated children? Do the state officials care? Absence of malice, they’re plotting other children’s death. Don’t shoot. He’s already dead or  waiting to die, just like his neighborhood: The Ghetto

Life sucked from infants

Stuck in time with no dimes,

Just waiting on death.

Look here comes them buzzards,

To clean them black bones,

In the Ghetto.

Ah, life renewed

But not for Black babies,

Living in the Ghetto.

            Because the powers that be had decided years ago, not to make any investments. A systematic neglect designed to kill and/or push out the poor. Look out gentrification is around the corner. Swoop, there goes another buzzard to clean them-bones.

“Hands up,” the officer said.  “Don’t shoot,” the boy replied. The police didn’t shoot this time. The asthmatic boy returned to his polluted neighborhood and fired-up a joint. He took a deep hit and held it until his inflated cheeks burst open. “Ahhh,” he said as smoke billowed out. He then took a big sip of beer.

5, 10, 15, 20, how many more years will he live? Who knows? Like Flint, both lie dying and waiting for them gentrification buzzards to clean them-bones for them interlopers. Too bad Flint children are still ingesting poisons through no-fault of their own, other than being Black and poor: Living in the Ghetto

Can you spare a dime?

To buy us more time,

In the Ghetto!


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