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Advocating For the NIH

May 17, 2017

Patient Advocates from across the country were brought to Washington, D.C. by the AACI-AACR-ASCO to thank congress for the 2 billion dollars they approved for the NIH and to ask for their continued support. I had the pleasure of  walking with fellow advocate, William Rosvold, a New York pancreatic cancer survivor, on an early chilly morning from the Grand Hyatt to the Rayburn Office Building for a 7:30 am breakfast meeting. Where we were addressed by Representatives Tom Cole of Oklahoma and Brett Guthrie of Kentucky, whose republican party later that afternoon rescinded the Affordable Care Act, and there by potentially countering the full impact of the 2 billion dollar investment they had approved for the NIH.

We were divided into teams by states before breakfast and afterward each team visited their assigned representatives and senators’ offices. My first team consisting of  Dr. Link, Dr. Venook and Nicholas Bashour visited the office of Senator Dianne Feinstein, where we met with Ms. Elisabeth Fox. I shared my cancer experiences with her and how my family had three bites at cancer: 1) tongue in 1995 when my son was one-year old, 2) neck cancer in 1997 and 3) prostate cancer in 2008. Through it all, my wife Monica and my north star, supported me through cancers’ uncertainties.

Advocates in Pelosi's Office

From left to right are Dr.Link, me (Gerald Green), Ms Patricia Ross, Dr. Esserman, Dr. Venook, and Nicholas Bashour

I repeated my story with other congressional staff  as shown in Representative Nancy Pelosi’s office above and we ended our day after 5 pm to the aroma of fresh made popcorn in Senator Kamala Harris office with tired feet.

I look forward to uniting with my fellow advocates in the pursued of more NIH funding on Capitol Hill next May.


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  1. Joe Brooks permalink

    Brother Gerald—great post—keep at it–joe

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