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Celebrating a 20-Year Journey

August 31, 2015

My cancer advocacy journey began in 1995, with my tongue sewn to the floor of my mouth. Stripped of voice and engulfed in pain, a nurse gave me used computer paper where I started writing my story of  uncertainty and hope. I survived that week in intensive care along with other weeks of treatments, and years of recovery to evolve into a writer, survivor and now advocate.

I joined a writer’s group called , “Cancer In Other Words,” where we collectively helped each other heal emotionally while traversing landscapes littered with radiation, chemo, and surgery choices. My engineering background enhanced my ability to navigate and share technical information with a nontechnical audience, as demonstrated in, “The Man in the Blue Chamber,” a chapter from my book Life Constricted: To Love, Hugs and Laughter where I describe my hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments.

My article Prostate Cancer Dream Theft examined prostate cancer issues and the consequences of inadequate health care ─ death. I believe society must do better. That’s why I advocate for prostate awareness. Hopefully, my commitment  along with others will improve Black men’s survivorship after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

My greatest achievement to date, a shared smile, given by a prostate support group member after he started cancer treatment. He told me, “I saw the concern on your face after I shared my Gleason scores with you.” I responded, “Please, see a doctor you trust immediately.”

His smile remains priceless, like a child’s first glimpse at lighten-bugs.


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  1. Dorrie permalink

    As a fellow member of Cancer in Other Words I celebrate your journey, your survival and the power of your advocacy. Thank you for the illumination your words bring.

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